Friday, December 31, 2021

☁☁ My Terraform labs 2021– Cloud recap ☁☁

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The first time I had seen a glimpse of this Infrastructure as Code artifact in 2018 (presented by Roopesh Ramklass at our TOUG meetup), I found the it ugly as hell and sworn to never touch it (probably confused it with Json ;)).

Today I am happy to admit that I was totally wrong and it was stupid of me to judge it by it’s cover . Terraform is written in Go but you don’t need to know it to understand how to run it. It is purely declarative and HashiCorp made it so easy to understand by centralizing the documentation for each cloud provider in their Terraform Registry that you probably don’t need to read  much to run your first  demo.    
Right after my Oracle Cloud operation associate exam, my interest started to spike. It was bumpy at times but worth the bother as there is so much to learn. That’s why I started the terraform for dummies series where I wanted to deploy a static website in any cloud provider there was. The dummy in question was me in case you didn’t figure :).

Although my journey has just started, It’s always good to summarize what we have achieved up till now. Which is the purpose of this article.

Cloud deployments

So if you want to learn how to provision with Terraform  in all  4 cloud providers !!!
Below are simple deployments of a static website n (Including Github repos )

✅ Terraform for dummies Part 1 OCI


GitHub Repo:

✅ Terraform for dummies Part 2 AWS 


GitHub Repo:

✅ Terraform for dummies Part 3 Azure


GitHub Repo :

✅ Terraform for dummies Part 4 GCP 


GitHub Repo:

On-Premises deployments

✅ Terraform for dummies Part 5: Libvirt (KVM)


Master GitHub Repo for all above labs:


Terraform tips

✅  Nested variable substitution using maps and locals


What’s Next

Probably a terraform associate certification as I slacked a bit lately and another deployment on ALICLOUD

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