Sunday, November 1, 2020

Oracle quarantine Webinars 2020


Blabla free post, this is just a list of some of the best Oracle webinars recordings I had the chance to attend this year (or at least tried :p). Some of you may agree that there is no way to attend the tons of events that stormed online since COVID madness started.
So why not have a sort of quick index (not even close to be exhaustive at all) to reach to when you have more time to spare.

Mike Dietrich >> latest Oracle Upgrade webinar Series (May 2020 recordings)


Oracle Official Database 19c Upgrade Virtual Classroom (2020 recordings)

ASK TOM Office Hours

  1. Exadata Database Machine Office Hours (past and upcoming events registration permanent link)

  2. Database In-Memory Office Hours at ASK TOM (Past /upcoming events registration permanent link)


Oracle Maximum Availability Webcast Series fall 2020

ACEs at Home free Webinars  (15-17/06/2020)

LuxOUG Virtual Tech Days(22-25/06 )

AIOUG Oracle GroundBreakers yatra Webinar 2020 (1-16/07/2020)

CLOUD : FlashGrid SkyCluster (The only Cloud solution for RAC deployments on AWS/Azure/GCP)

Oracle GroundBreakers APAC Virtual Tour 2020 (19-30/10/2020) –limited time replays

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